About TACIS Early Childhood Education Program

TACIS is a training organisation on early childhood education with its headquarters based in Central Sydney and it is approved and registered by the Australian Government. TACIS is a comprehensive training organisation that provides many vocational skills courses and qualifications to allow students to study in a flexible and relaxed environment and to apply the acquired knowledge learnt in the classroom into practice and work, and trains every student to become elites in society. Among them, early childhood training and education courses use scientific theory combined with practical teaching methods, and help students to establish a knowledge framework for early childhood education, allowing students to learn actual skills faster and enter the society to find dream jobs.

Why choose TACIS early childhood training programs

If you enjoy working with children and want to help them grow and develop, TACIS has a wealth of early childhood education learning options to help you enter and develop the profession. All TACIS staff members have relevant industry qualifications to ensure that students are provided with good training and assessment in accordance with relevant Australian industry standards and requirements; to ensure that students have excellent industry skills and first-class professional ethics at graduation to help students obtain the best career development opportunities and enjoy a meaningful career.

  • Early childhood theoretical knowledge of the Australian professional system
  • A team of passionate and professional training teachers
  • Internships with Australian Early Childhood Education Institutions
  • Rich work experience in early childhood education industry
  • Lively and interesting classroom
  • One-stop early childhood training and practical experience
  • Convenient transportation and location
  • Cultural exchange experience around the world
  • Comfortable and high-tech learning environment
  • Continue to study the pathway courses of higher education

Australian Early Childhood Education

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

This certificate allows you to enter the Australian early childhood education industry and become a qualified educator for Australian children aged 0-5.
  • 9 months of full-time study (including school holidays, 38 weeks total)
  • Admission time: every month
  • Duration of internship: 120 hours
  • Class time: Monday and Tuesday

Course Introduction-Australian Early Childhood Education

If you want to take on more management work in the early childhood education and care industry, this course is perfect for you. This course will prepare you for your future career in a nursery or early childhood education.

This course provides a combination of classroom learning and field practice. At present, nearly 100 kindergartens and childcare agencies have signed an internship cooperation agreement with TACIS. The internship time required for the course can be arranged for students to help students practice and improve what they have learned, and they may even have the opportunity to get a job offer.

As the number of children using long day care grows, so does the demand for teachers with a degree. Obtaining a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is an important first step towards a long and rewarding career in the industry.

Our graduates continue to hold the following positions:
  • Kindergarten education staff
  • Child educator
  • Team, group or project leader
  • Coordinator of Early Childhood Education Institution and Child Services Centre
  • Early childhood education business director

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

If you want to reach a new stage in your career and take on more management work in the preschool education industry, this course is the perfect choice for you. With the Australian Nationally Recognized Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Nursing, you can serve as an educational leader in child care, learn the skills to become a supervisor or manager, lead and direct and support other educators, including children with special needs, and understand early childhood education sustainable practices in service operations to improve communication and integrated development between families and children.

16 months of full-time study (including school holidays, 66 weeks in total)
Admission time: every month
Duration of internship: 240 hours
Class time: Monday and Tuesday

In addition to all the work that a Certificate III graduate can do, you can also hold the following positions:

  • Kindergarten early education teacher
  • Early childhood education institution manager
  • Early childhood Education operator
  • Head of early childhood teacher training
  • Early childhood educator
  • Early childhood education supervisor
  • Early childhood education centre manager

How to apply for early childhood education in Australia

TACIS is committed to the training and employment training of preschool education talents in Australia and provides “one-stop” high-standard early childhood education training services for Australian and international students.

Entry requirements for international students:

– 18 years of age or older

– IELTS 5.5 and above [no less than Band 5 for each part]

– Graduated from high school with a corresponding certificate of completion and transcript

Entry requirements for local students:

-18 years of age or older

-Complete Year 12 and obtain the corresponding certificate of completion and transcript

-Pass the school interview

For international students, to ensure satisfactory results for your visa application and maximize your chances of getting enrolled, depending on factors such as nationality and student circumstances, we may ask you to provide other relevant documents, including a statement of the student’s personal study purpose, financial proof, work experience proof, student personal resume, etc.

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Early Childhood Training School Opening hours

Monday to Friday:8 : 30 AM - 4 : 30 PM

TACIS Early Childhood Training School Address

Level 3, 16-22 Wentworth Avenue, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone:1300 891 598
Email: info@tacis.edu.au